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Welcome to Farm Veterinary Solutions

At FVS, we take a proactive approach to help you ensure the good health and performance of your dairy and beef cattle, sheep flocks and gamebirds.

Disease prevention is always the goal: it helps ensure animals can reach their performance potential, and is in the best interests of animal welfare. It’s also the best strategy for keeping medicine bills low!

We are happy to share our knowledge with you on-farm, and regularly hold technical meetings on topics such as foot-trimming, mastitis control and youngstock rearing. We can also provide practical training courses for you and your staff, on topics such as veterinary emergency treatments.

As a member of XLVets, we are part of a community of over 50 independently-owned and progressive practices. This gives us the opportunity to gain from the knowledge and skills in other vet practices and ensure we deliver high standards of veterinary care. And our farm clients benefit directly from competitive medicine costs.

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Our Services

Herd health

We make your herd’s health our priority, and provide proactive veterinary care for beef and dairy cattle.

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Flock health

We have the knowledge and experience to help you improve your flock’s health and performance.

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Gamebird Health

A range of veterinary services are now available for gamebird keepers.

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Latest News

Are you prepared for lambing?

With lambing just around the corner, it is important to ensure you are as prepared as possible. Make sure to have all of the necessary equipment, but also have the ability to recognise signs of disease. This is essential to ensure lambing runs smoothly and effectively. Even with the best planning, some things can still go wrong. It is important to recognise and know how to treat common conditions.

Common conditions in ewes include: Twin Lamb Disease; Low Calcium; Low Magnesium; Abortions; Prolapse.

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Meet the team!

David Mendez graduated from the University of Santiago, Spain in 2016 and joined our FVS team as a farm animal vet in November 2022. After graduating, David worked as a farm vet for 4 years in Spain. Argentina and Chile are among other countries in which he studied and worked. David came to work in the UK as a farm animal vet in 2020.

Alongside work, David is also studying a postgraduate degree in Msc International Animal Health with the University of Edinburgh. He also enjoys travelling, photography and walking with his dog.

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Signs of when to call the vet – Lambing!

Unfortunately, during lambing things don’t always go to plan. It is important for you to know when intervention is necessary, whether this by yourselves if you are confident to do so, or by a vet.

Has the ewe been straining for over an hour?

Has the lamb presented but not delivered?

Can you see signs of a prolapse?

Unusual behaviour?

Any signs of infection?

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Latest FVS Newsletter

Winter 2023 Update Newsletter

Welcome to our Winter 2023 Update, Freddie discusses the importance of Bull fertility testing to screen out fertility problems before they become an issue. Are you prepared for lambing season, Jess discusses helpful tips to aid the smooth running and what to look out for with some common conditions. Maria highlights the implications of Neospora in cattle, covering the treatment and control.

Winter 2023 Update Newsletter

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