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Welcome to Farm Veterinary Solutions

At FVS, we take a proactive approach to help you ensure the good health and performance of your dairy and beef cattle, sheep flocks and gamebirds.

Disease prevention is always the goal: it helps ensure animals can reach their performance potential, and is in the best interests of animal welfare. It’s also the best strategy for keeping medicine bills low!

We are happy to share our knowledge with you on-farm, and regularly hold technical meetings on topics such as foot-trimming, mastitis control and youngstock rearing. We can also provide practical training courses for you and your staff, on topics such as veterinary emergency treatments.

As a member of XLVets, we are part of a community of over 50 independently-owned and progressive practices. This gives us the opportunity to gain from the knowledge and skills in other vet practices and ensure we deliver high standards of veterinary care. And our farm clients benefit directly from competitive medicine costs.

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Our Services

Herd health

We make your herd’s health our priority, and provide proactive veterinary care for beef and dairy cattle.

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Flock health

We have the knowledge and experience to help you improve your flock’s health and performance.

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Gamebird Health

A range of veterinary services are now available for gamebird keepers.

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Are your rams up to the job?

Are your rams up to the job?

Rams have a huge impact on economical returns for the flock. Therefore it is vital for them to have optimal fertility. Research has shown that 10-15% of rams are unsatisfactory.

Don’t wait until scanning to find out if your rams have worked!

They may have desirable genetic characteristics, but would be of very little value as a flock sire if they are not breeding optimally.

Fertility test your rams annually and at least 10 weeks before the breeding season is due to start.

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Half price Faecal Egg Count offer!


This time of year is crucial for endoparasites and so we are offering inhouse faecal worm egg count for sheep and cattle at only £7.50+vat per sample until the end of September!

The key to parasite control is to prevent burdens from becoming unmanageable or leaving lasting effects. Don’t wait until your lambs, ewes or calves are scouring. Regular faecal egg counts and monitoring growth rates are key for good worm control.

Faecal egg counts enable us to:

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New Lutterworth branch for FVS!

We are extremely thrilled to announce the opening of our new Lutterworth branch of Farm Veterinary Solutions.

With this expansion, we can provide local support to our south Leicestershire clients as well as provide a range of services – such as mobility scoring - to local farmers.

In fact, our full range of veterinary and vet tech services for livestock farmers will be on offer from Lutterworth. These include fertility services, in-house faecal egg count testing, condition scoring, herd and flock health planning, and gamebird health services.

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Summer 2022 Update

Welcome to our Summer 2022 update, we discuss Enzootic abortion in sheep, what to consider when buying sheep. The causes, costs and prevention of calf scours and the important of farm dog management

Summer 2022 Update

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