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Smallholders Club

Our Smallholders Club provides you with regular opportunities to meet up with like-minded people to gain and share knowledge, get advice on biosecurity and health management, and improve practical skills at hands-on workshops.

When it comes to disease and poor health, prevention is always better than cure. In 2019, we ran meetings on ectoparasite control, preventing calf pneumonia, worming programmes, and for flock owners – ‘tightening the lambing period’ using ‘synchronisation.

If you are new to owning livestock, and/or would like to improve your knowledge and skill-set, then join the Smallholders Club. You will be able to attend our informative and practical meetings which are held quarterly, receive email updates of our Small Talk electronic newsletter, and take advantage of half-price in-house faecal egg count testing. As a Club member you will also get access to a dedicated vet - Rebecca Davenport - and vet tech - Robyn Oram – for any advice you need.

The annual membership fee of the Club is £50+VAT. If you are interested in joining and attending any of the events, please contact the Melton Branch on 01664 567481 or email for more information.