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Vet Tech Services

Our Vet Tech - Robyn Oram – provides a range of services which support our veterinary work and contribute to ensuring good animal health and performance.

Key services include:

  • Calf Tracker:  this XLVets initiative focuses on tracking calf performance and health from birth through to weaning. We give advice on feeding and management regimes to ensure growth is maximised and good health is maintained. Calves that grow quicker, and are healthier, will go on to have a greater production potential as adult cows.
  • Mobility scoring: this enables early signs of lameness to be identified so that remedial treatment can be given. But it is even more valuable when used on an ongoing basis to monitor mobility and instigate herd strategies to prevent lameness occurring in the first place.
  • Faecal egg counting: this is a valuable tool to guide worming programmes in sheep flocks. By monitoring the worm burden, we can decide if and when drenching is needed. If a rise in egg counts is seen, indicating the development of wormer resistance, then we can devise an alternative worming programme.