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Our Vet Tech Team - Robyn Oram and Emily Cox – provide a range of services which support our veterinary work and contribute to ensuring good animal health and performance. Robyn is based at our Melton Mowbray branch and Emily is based at our Lutterworth branch.

Key services include:

  • Mobility scoring: This is becoming compulsory for many milk contracts. Robyn and Emily are both ROMS-accredited scorers. Mobility scoring enables early signs of lameness to be identified so that remedial treatment can be given. In the long run, it enables herd strategies to be instigated so that lameness is prevented from occurring in the first place.

  • Condition scoring: This is also a condition of some milk contracts. Ensuring cows are in the right body condition score for their stage of lactation will help reduce incidence of metabolic diseases and benefit their overall health and performance.

  • Taking samples for diagnostics: Vet Techs are trained to take blood, faeces and milk samples. They can also carry out faecal egg counting in our in-house lab so that any drench resistance can be identified, and worming programmes tailored to requirements.

  • Knock down disbuds: accompanied by a vet to monitor sedation, Robyn and Emily are equipped to perform disbuds in larger quantities to reduce calf stress and labour time. Ask us for a quote based on price per calf. 

  • Help with bTB testing: Vet Techs can be there to help during your bTB test, recording ear tag numbers and moving stock. We know this can be a stressful time, and they can help ensure the testing days go smoothly.

  • Vaccination and medicine administration: Our trained Vet Techs, working together with your vet, can ensure your vaccination protocols are kept up-to-date.

  • Fly Control:  We are now working alongside ‘APPI Bio Control’ to distribute alternative options to chemical fly control in your livestock.

For any advice on the above or to book a visit with our Vet Tech's, please call the practice on 01664 491266.