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Have you seen our recent Special Edition Newsletters?

We have created three species specific newsletters focusing on the parasites that may affect your flock/herd this Spring/Summer. We have editions for sheep, dairy and beef cattle so you can get the most accurate information based on the livestock you keep. We cover some of the most common parasites and their associating diseases that you should be aware and cautious of as well as the steps we should all be taking to support the appropriate use of anthelmintics. It is important to remember every farm is different. You may have different species and populations of parasites to even your neighbours, as well as varying grazing strategies and how that can play a role in parasite burdens. Creating an individual parasite control plan with one of the vets or SQPs will be of real benefit to your flock to control parasites in the most economical and appropriate ways.  

Visit the ‘Newsletter’ section on our website under ‘Vet Services’ to read more!