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Nematodirus Risk Alert!

The Nematodirus forecast for the East Midlands has risen to 'High / Very High Risk'! 

Nematodirus can strike very quickly. You cannot afford to have a 'wait and see' policy!

Damage caused by Nematodirus is from large numbers of immature larvae that are not yet producing eggs. Therefore, faecal egg counts (FECs), are not a reliable indicator of risk. Rapid action is essential!

Risk factors:

  • Pasture: Pasture grazed by ewes and lambs last year is extremely high risk. Avoid if possible.
  • Weather: Nematodirus thrive in wet and warm weather (like now!)
  • Age: Lambs typically become exposed to disease aged 6 weeks and older when they begin eating more grass. However this can be younger if ewes are not milking well. 
  • Challenge: Lambs facing other challenges such as Coccidiosis will be even more susceptible to disease.
  • Stress: Other stressful experiences can also leave lambs more susceptible to disease (e.g. triplets, adoptions, older/younger dams) 

Consider these risk factors carefully alongside checking the Nematodirus risk forecast to come up with a plan. White wormers are the most effective when treating Nematodirus.

Feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our vets or SQPs if you would like assistance with a risk assessment and treatment plan. 

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