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Welcome to Farm Veterinary Solutions

At FVS, we take a proactive approach to help you ensure the good health and performance of your dairy and beef cattle, sheep flocks and gamebirds.

Disease prevention is always the goal: it helps ensure animals can reach their performance potential, and is in the best interests of animal welfare. It’s also the best strategy for keeping medicine bills low!

We are happy to share our knowledge with you on-farm, and regularly hold technical meetings on topics such as foot-trimming, mastitis control and youngstock rearing. We can also provide practical training courses for you and your staff, on topics such as veterinary emergency treatments.

As a member of XLVets, we are part of a community of over 50 independently-owned and progressive practices. This gives us the opportunity to gain from the knowledge and skills in other vet practices and ensure we deliver high standards of veterinary care. And our farm clients benefit directly from competitive medicine costs.

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Our Services

Herd health

We make your herd’s health our priority, and provide proactive veterinary care for beef and dairy cattle.

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Flock health

We have the knowledge and experience to help you improve your flock’s health and performance.

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Gamebird Health

A range of veterinary services are now available for gamebird keepers.

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Latest News

Is your Bull up to the Job?

A bull’s fertility is crucial to your herd’s performance and can be very costly if it goes wrong. Infertile bulls are rare and often easily discovered, however sub-fertile bulls are much more common, harder to identify and can be much more costly. Having a sub-fertile bull can lead to an elongated breeding period and a greater number of barren cows. This leads to a stretched calving period which in turn increases labour costs and causes a variation of calf ages within the group, leading to greater levels of disease such as pneumonia and scours, further increasing costs.

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Have you seen our recent Special Edition Newsletters?

We have created three species specific newsletters focusing on the parasites that may affect your flock/herd this Spring/Summer. We have editions for sheep, dairy and beef cattle so you can get the most accurate information based on the livestock you keep. We cover some of the most common parasites and their associating diseases that you should be aware and cautious of as well as the steps we should all be taking to support the appropriate use of anthelmintics. It is important to remember every farm is different.

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Fly Control – Don’t Delay!

Why Treat?

Although we may just see flies as a nuisance, uncontrolled fly populations can significantly affect your livestock:

  • Reduced milk yield by up to 20%
  • Increased incidence of summer mastitis
  • Reduced calf weaning weights by up to 9kg
  • Reduced reproductive potential in sheep
  • Downgraded quality of wool clip 
  • Welfare issues in both species

When to Treat?

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Latest FVS Newsletter

Spring Update 2023

Welcome to the Spring 2023 Newsletter edition. With turnout upon us, hoping that wintery conditions in March prove to be the last sting in the tail! Date for the diary - Wednesday 3rd May - Meeting on manipulating the Ewe breeding season We discuss the importance of fly control, treatments. Rebecca our farm vet talks about Teasers! Robyn and Emily our wonderful Vet Tech's discuss our vet tech services

Spring Update 2023

Livestock Matters

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