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Signs of when to call the vet – Lambing!
posted on Thu, 16 Feb 2023

Unfortunately, during lambing things don’t always go to plan. It is important for you to know when intervention is necessary, whether this by yourselves if you are confident to do so, or by a vet.

Has the ewe been straining for over an hour?

Has the lamb presented but not delivered?

Can you see signs of a prolapse?

Unusual behaviour?

Any signs of infection?

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Christmas Opening Hours 2022
posted on Wed, 21 Dec 2022

The practice will be closed for the Christmas and New Year Bank holidays so please see below for our opening times.

Vets will still be available for emergencies 24/7.

We will be open again as normal from the 3rd of January 2023.

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Mastitis in Ewes meeting Thursday 8th December
posted on Wed, 30 Nov 2022

Lambing time will soon be upon us and we would like to invite you to join us via Zoom to discuss the impacts mastitis can have on your flock. The session will be hosted by Rebecca Davenport from FVS and Matt Swanborough, Technical Vet from Hipra.

We will be discussing the causes of mastitis, further information we can gather from sample collection and preventative measures that may help to reduce the incidence...

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TBAS: Let’s stop TB
posted on Thu, 17 Nov 2022

Everyone who farms cattle has concerns over TB and the thought of an upcoming TB test may fill you with dread. But this where TBAS comes in. We are now working with TBAS to help you regain some control and prevent TB from becoming a problem on your farm. The TB Advisory Service (TBAS) is a government funded project that offers practical, farm specific, cost effective advice regarding the control of TB on farm. This free advice and support is aimed at managing TB as an infectious disease that can be controlled and its risks mitigated through biosecurity measures.


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Meet the team!
posted on Thu, 6 Oct 2022

Jess joined the team as a farm animal veterinary surgeon in August. Originally from Southampton, Jess studied veterinary medicine at Cambridge University and has now made the move to Leicestershire to join us at FVS! Jess caught the bug for farm veterinary during her second year of university after completing placements on dairy farms.

Cricket, cycling and open water swimming are just some of the activities Jess gets up to in her spare time. She has a love for exploring and adventures whilst walking. Jess is out and attending many farm calls and hopefully will get a chance to meet...

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Do you know the trace element status of your livestock?
posted on Wed, 14 Sep 2022

Trace elements are minerals such as copper, selenium, cobalt and iodine and are essential for life. Optimal flock and herd performance depends on trace elements being supplied correctly.
Blood sampling for trace elements is an extremely useful tool to assess what your pasture provides and if we need to supplement your livestock further.


Cattle can be blood tested over the grazing season or at housing before any supplements are given.
Pre-tupping is the ideal time to blood test sheep so we have time to supplement if...

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Are your rams up to the job?
posted on Tue, 5 Jul 2022

Are your rams up to the job?

Rams have a huge impact on economical returns for the flock. Therefore it is vital for them to have optimal fertility. Research has shown that 10-15% of rams are unsatisfactory.

Don’t wait until scanning to find out if your rams have worked!

They may have desirable genetic characteristics, but would be of very little value as a flock sire if they are not breeding optimally.

Fertility test your rams annually and at least 10 weeks before the breeding season is due to start.

Call us today to book in your ram fertility tests with...

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Faecal Egg Count
posted on Tue, 5 Jul 2022

Are you aware of the internal parasite populations on your farm? Do you carry out regular faecal egg counts?

The key to parasite control is to prevent burdens from becoming unmanageable or leaving lasting effects. Don’t wait until your lambs, ewes or calves are scouring. Regular faecal egg counts and monitoring growth rates are key for good worm control.

Faecal egg counts enable us to:

  • Determine the need for treatment.
  • Prevent unnecessary treatment – slowing the progress of resistance.
  • Identify resistance post treatment.


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New Lutterworth branch for FVS!
posted on Wed, 17 Jun 2020

We are extremely thrilled to announce the opening of our new Lutterworth branch of Farm Veterinary Solutions.

With this expansion, we can provide local support to our south Leicestershire clients as well as provide a range of services to local farmers.

In fact, our full range of veterinary and vet tech services for livestock farmers will be on offer from Lutterworth. These include fertility services, in-house faecal egg count testing, mobility scoring, herd and flock health planning, and gamebird health services.

A variety of competitively priced medicines and wormers...

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Training day for farmers
posted on Fri, 6 Mar 2020

We held a farmer training day in February, at Tower House Farm, by kind permission of Mr Allen, and supported by Norbrook. The day began with an informative presentation covering a variety of different emergency scenarios that can arise on a farm – from difficult lambings to bloated cattle, which was then followed by a question-and-answer session.

After this, attendees were split into two groups for the practical sessions. Paul from Norbrook and Robyn our Vet Tech gave a faecal egg counting demonstration and discussed different wormers and the benefits of field rotation to one group...

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