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Bovine Fertility Services

We are now offering new Bovine Fertility Services available at Farm Veterinary Solutions.

Domestic Bovine Embryo and Semen storage 

We now have the capabilities to offer our clients access to our on-site embryo and semen storage tanks.

Our store is licensed for domestic semen and embryo storage on a long- or short-term arrangement.

Ideal for clients that want to protect and store valuable genetics or waiting for suitable recipients to use our AI and ET services.

Embryo Transfer Service 

Farm Veterinary Solutions now has a team capable of implanting bovine embryos.

This service is aimed at the pedigree beef and dairy breeder to help Fastrack genetic improvement. We can now also provide cow stopper embryos for use on problem breeder dairy cows, this involves implanting an easy calving beef cross embryo 7 days after Insemination to significantly improve the chances of pregnancy.

Embryo transfers are predominantly carried out in synchronised recipients, but can sometimes be arranged following a natural heat.

Fixed Time AI Service

We now have a fixed time Bovine Artificial insemination service up and running. A great opportunity for our clients with smaller herds that cannot justify the purchase and running costs of keeping a bull on the farm. It is also beneficial to our commercial beef and dairy clients that want to tighten their calving pattern with group synchronisations. We can help you with whole process from selecting and synchronising suitable females through to sourcing and storing the semen.

Why AI? 

1. Gain access to top merit sires that can be used to genetically improve the traits in your replacement heifers and produce top quality beef calves.

2. Increase the % of cows calved in the first 21 days of your calving period by having groups of cows synchronized and bred on day 1 of the mating period.

3. Eliminate the possible disease and biosecurity risks associated with natural service and bringing bulls onto the farm.

For any advice on the above please call the practice on 01664 567481 and press option 2 and speak to Nick.